Reasons Care Homes Should Make Use of Integrated Pharmacy Partners

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Reasons Care Homes Should Make Use of Integrated Pharmacy Partners

By Brad Whittaker  |  07 March 2018


Today, the role of the pharmacist has changed from counting pills at the counter to extending their services to their client’s homes. This means that pharmacists are now focusing on long-term care as well as provision of various care facilities. It is therefore advisable for people to have an integrated partner pharmacy for their retirement. This is the best move since there are several benefits which accrue when your care facility utilises a dedicated pharmacy partner.

There is flexibility in this form of care which ensures mutual collaboration with the staff, physicians, and the administration. As such, there is room to modify policies related to all their partner programs, services and medication management.

When you have an integrated pharmacy partner, you will be able to have access to the comprehensive medication reconciliation procedure by the best practices in the industry.

This type of plan allows Care Homes to have full access to a full monthly drug utilisation as well as therapeutic classification reports. All these services are available to suit a facility’s requirements.

We provide the eMAR software (electronic medication administration) to pharmacies and Care Homes to improve their efficiency. Care Homes should also make use of the eMAR software to minimise errors and accelerate administration times.

With an integrated pharmacy partner, care facilities will be able to access all forms of consultations for chronic health conditions. It will also be more comfortable for pharmacists to come up with a treatment plan on how to evaluate the health of the older people.

All the care facilities using pharmacy partners will have increased access to a fast and flexible delivery of prescription medicine to their homes.

It is vital for care facilities to have a pharmacy partner to facilitate their service delivery. An optimised system such as eMAR typically ensures seamless incorporation of pharmacy records in all retirement facilities, and access to real-time audit and quality assurance reports for all pharmacies and administrators.

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