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MED e-care offer well loved eMAR software to support your care home to deliver, record and analyse excellent medication management. Evidence that you are meeting CQC requirements and driving quality improvements.

Our eMAR also integrates with most care planning software. Interoperability in care technology is imperative for the evolution of outstanding care. Why? It means all care technology needs to openly talk to each other and share data streams. 


Bespoke for you

We won’t rest until you have realised the significant benefits of MED e-care’s solutions and when you’ve reached that point, we’ll carry on helping you to improve.

Whether you are looking for an entire new electronic health record system or you need a specific stand alone solution, MED e-care’s web based solutions can provide the confidence to focus on care, safe in the knowledge that your system won’t let you down.

Our eMAR solution gives you control...

The eMAR solution provides a complete medication management solution with some real benefits that you can’t get elsewhere, giving you confidence that you can deliver the best medication management.

Ensuring the highest standards of medication management for care home residents is key to a safe and efficient operation for both care home and pharmacy provider alike. Our eMAR solution provides the right tools for your care home residents, such as ongoing stock management and the ordering and administering of medications.

It tracks the order and delivery of medicines and automates reports, facilitating efficiency improvements.


Care Planning

The ePlan solution is the core of our care system, supporting the creation and maintenance of live care care plans in a wide range of settings. Our other solutions feed into ePlan ensuring one touch data entry and shared working across departments.

Point-of-Care (POC)

The Point-of-Care solution puts the care plan in your carers’ hands when they most need it. Full read-write capability ensures that key information is visible and that new information can be added as events happen.Which reduces mistakes or omissions and saving time which can be reinvested directly into resident focused care.


Daily Notes

The eNotes solution provides a simple interface for making care notes on a daily basis and includes incident tracking allowing a real time view by individual, unit, floor or home.


The Assessments solution provides an extensive library of standard care assessments to support recording. With our Assessment form builder you can adapt existing forms and create entirely new ones to meet your needs.

The Relationship builder solution automatically links relevant information from any assessment and transfers it to the care plan. Which ensures consistency of care, accurate documentation and significant time savings.


Wound Tracker

The Wound Tracker solution is tailored to record details of wound care. Attaching images, tracking restoration and scheduling follow-ups has been proven to improve the quality of care.

The care solutions combine to create a market-leading system, at an affordable cost, that allows your carers to spend more time caring and increasing and recording the quality or care and productivity.

Admission, Discharge, Transfer

The e-ADT solution manages a comprehensive set of resident information, tracking resident location and status and automatically sharing this data across all other solutions.


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